"We are ON YOUR team. We are YOUR TEAM."


We facilitate total alignment so that everything speaks to your Distinctive Natural Assets - D.N.A.® - with clarity and focus.



When Leadership Strategist Omar meets Brand-Builder Veronique... they create The Success Accelerators. A platform driven towards accelerating Business through higher leadership performance.


OMAR HASSAM: Leadership Strategist

Omar is the direct result of his upbringing and education.

"My Home environment was focused on both business and personal growth. My parents used to attend Self-development Seminars regularly. We were always discussing a new book… It was a constant, very stimulating and inspiring conversation.

As I was growing up, my friends happened to be the kids of the most influential leaders of our time. Rather than playing kids games, I enjoyed talking business with my classmate's parents. 

I have always been a natural entrepreneur: I started trading stocks at 9, took that money and built a luxury goods importing and retail business on ebay, cashed it in and evolved into a event production business. I haven’t stopped growing as an entrepreneur since.

Getting my Masters in Leadership and Management was the consolidation of all the knowledge that I had acquired naturally through my own endeavors and connections. My Focus was in Change Management, helping companies identify the necessary shifts and providing them with the elements that allow the adjustments.

I have always known the power of dressing beyond its apparent superficial aspects. As a student at the elite business school Science-Po in Paris, I worked for luxury good and high-end fashion brands like Elle Saab. 

All my life has been dedicated to growing as a Leader. I read relentlessly, attend seminars, training programs, meet and talk with Influential Leaders. My mind is eager to suck it all in and I'm open to learning at all times. I trained myself to embrace change and adjust to  new situations.

I believe in the DNA process as I went through the process myself. This is how I reconciled my diverse centers of interest and was able to build a successful growing business while living my passion. This is my privilege to bring this transformation (personal and business) to as many people and organizations as possible. 

I will help you become the most influential version of yourself by giving you the mindsets, tools and strategies so that you can do so.  

Specialties: identification of the key dynamics at play in a company or within an individual, cut through the clutter,  teams alignment, finances clean-up,  customer experience re-definition, sales team training, marketing correction to help them reap superior outcomes. 


Successful companies have a clear D.N.A. that aligns internally and resonates externally. This is our model.

V. has a genuine passion for brands and the experience of building them inside-out through brand marketing, and throughout through internal alignment. 

As a Brand Strategist, V. has held the pleasure to work with some of the most talented business leaders of the biggest companies in the world in Communications Firms and Brand Consultancies. For over 10 years now, she has chosen to focus on innovations in the Brand Consultancy she founded, The Brand Genome Lab.; helping brilliant minds with an idea build their business based on the refinement and communications of their brand.  Three years ago, V. joined Maren Sostmaan as Co-Founder and Partner of The Leading Salons of the World, a Beauty Tailor company focusing on raising the bar in the Beauty Industry. 

I am at my best in environments that can't help but challenge current thinking conventions, value sharp strategic directions and crisp conceptual ideas, and genuinely believe in the importance of a people-based company's transformation approach.

Her dearest goal is to inspire leaders optimize the power of their brand so that it makes a difference. She believes people with ideas are the new currency and her dearest goal is to join forces with them to help them materialze their vision.

Specialties: Business leadership, Brand value creation, Brand strategy, Marketing transformation, Integrated Brand communications, Global challenges, Corporate assignments, Entrepreneurial collaborations, Start-ups take-off, Innovations and Product development, Executive and Business Leadership accelerations



We deploy our team of Accelerators, each excelling in a very specific area of expertise, to help you make the necessary alignments required for you to operate at the highest level possible of your D.N.A.


"INFLUENT" is our in-house tailored Clothing of Influence Brand created by Omar Hassam in collaboration with Designer Donn K.

It includes:
  • Bespoke suiting and apparel: 100% tailor-made for you by the best craftmen available in the profession. It profoundly accentuates your Power of Influence as it communicates your unique D.N.A. in a way that no words will ever be able to.
  • Semi-custom-made clothing: our stylists will give any ready-to-wear a flair of custom-made as they will adjust any style to fit to your D.N.A. as a glove.
  • Shopping "on-D.N.A.": we work with a range of brands/stores so we can advise you on what to pick to optimize each apparel choice.



A network of Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers with experience in high-end residential, commercial and retail.

Their sense of aesthetics is impeccable. Their professionalism is exceptional.

This is V.'s Brand Consultancy: www.thebrandnalab.com

A place for business ideas to materialize. A space for brands to come to Life or grow.

A single focus: identify your genetic footprint, brand it and create maximum value from it throughout everything you do.

A lab to experiment and invent beyond existing mental boundaries, solutions to break new grounds.

Innovations is the key word. Open-minded is another one.

Passionate, always!

Launching SOON

A network of trustworthy, approachable and affordable lawyers.
Spanning the gamut of all Business and Individual needs.
Start-ups saavy.

We will pair you with the most appropriate Success Strategist depending on your profile and specific needs.

We have access to a select Circle of Beauty influencers beautifully curated by The Leading Salons of the World.

We will introduce you to some of the best talents in the field of Beauty, Health and Fitness to leverage each of the elements of your image so it commmunicates sharply who you are as a Leader.

www.leadingsalons.com, check Beauty Tailors!

From corporate to personal events, we design an on-brand event idea and pull the right team together to produce it.

We can organize an intimate soiree anywhere in the world for you, or organize the Launch of a product, a Seminar for your teams, a cruize reward trip...

Best is to meet and share your objectives with us.