You’ve probably read a lot about connecting with your target audience, right?

Just a quick search of How To Pitch SEO Clients brings up 369,000 different search results. And, it’s been covered by some of the best in the business. There are an endless supply of pitching articles. So, why am I writing this one?

Because on a regular basis receive pitches like this:

Message body:

I know you probably receive lots of emails in regards to search engine optimization services but I want to let you know that we are different and I'm going to prove it to you.

Read the below reasons why we are not your normal SEO agency:

1. Our search engine optimization and marketing services are perfect to help you become successful. Our services are by monthly order and give you all the resources and things that you need to get the job done right, confidently and predictable. Another company has probably burned you in the past and that's because they were probably just giving you a cookie cutter plan as opposed to focusing on getting your results. We are very much focused on results!

2. We are in it with you for the long term and we have a very low turnover; so our costs are low and we have a great incentive to keep you happy for the long term.

3. The expectations that we give you for our work are realistic as opposed to telling you all the outlandish success stories that could possibly happen, we just want to give you the truth.

If that sounds like something that you are interested in please let me know and let's set up a consult call, let me know the best time that works for you.


This leads me to believe that entrepreneurs are not reading the information out there or they’re are not applying the information, or possibly the worst case scenario is that the information out there is failing you…

So, for those reasons I’m writing this article to give you a fresh perspective and a practical guide that you can start implementing now.

In this article I’m going to give it to you straight, no BS. If you like the pitch above, then you’ll want to read on because there are some holes in your game that you’ll want to fill:

The Reality

No matter what your business is about, if you want to be successful, you must authentically communicate with your market.

Every successful entrepreneur that I’ve met is able to talk to his market in a way that makes them feel understood.

And yes I completely understand that this subject might not be what may excite you about your business. Perhaps you’re more inspired about the deep particulars of your vision or mission or the details of what you do. And that is awesome! And at the same time while that is super important in helping you get results for your clients, it is essential that you market your amazing services in a way that captivates your audience, in a way that touches them and in a way that sparks them to dialogue with you.

So, it’s time for you to get good at communicating authentically with your potential clients.

I’m going to tell you what it takes and how to do it with ease…so that you’ll be able to market in a way that resonates...

The 3 Mistakes You Make In Marketing & How To Shift To Your Approach

1)  Shift Your Focus

Most communications to potential clients are focused on what you have to offer and are all about how awesome you are.

Telling your clients:

·       How awesome your company is

·       What you do

·       Your pricing

·       The features included in your service

The only challenge is that this is not exciting to your potential client. Particularly if they don’t know you. Your potential client doesn’t really give a F about how awesome you are or why you’re different.

What they do care about is…their personal situation…where they are…and where they want to be. What keeps them awake at night, what’s frustrating to them, what they truly desire and how you can take them from where they are to where they want to be!

So, take the focus off of you…and focus on them. Ask them about what’s going on for them and then when you find out, then and only then tell them how you can help them get to where they want to be. Then show them proof of how you’ve done it for others and how you’re going to help them upgrade their life or business.

In short: this is how you provide someone with value, as opposed to talking about yourself.

2) Leave The Price Out Of It For Now

This is like going to a restaurant and them saying to you “give us $50 and we’ll bring you food” before you’ve looked at the menu and before they asked you if you even wanted food.

The same goes for your potential client, thoroughly understand what they want first and then offering them what you know they want ....and then if they want to buy from you they’ll ask you about the price.

2) The Features Are Not so Important To Them

Your prospect doesn’t know about you or your service, and when you talk about the specifics of your service- that part that’s very exciting to you – the prospect in the initial conversation gets lost in all the details. They don’t know about how to go from where they are to where they want to be and you telling them how exactly they can do that with all the details is not effective.

Here’s an example from something someone who was pitching me recently said:

“I will help you achieve amazing results through utilizing the many white hat SEO methods including the web 3.0 creation, blog article writing and publishing, developing new articles and backlinks on various pages, social bookmarks, forum profiles and blog commenting.”

Yes, this is what should be being done in SEO work, but your potential client will get lost in the sea of features. If they could have done it by themselves they would have already done it.

So when you talk to them about these features they mean nothing, and just confuse them.

Instead –– you must help them focus on what these features can do for them: how you can take them from where they are to where they want to be!

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Now That I’ve Covered the Mistakes..

That’s the real truth and so now let’s look at what it takes to create a real, impactful connection with a potential client that people want to listen to.

Be Real…

Let’s leave the trying to get a client or trying to convince someone strategy to the side and let’s get raw.

If you want to create a lasting long-term relationship with a client and help them achieve their goals you must get to know them…and we’re all one tweet away from the people we want to influence.

So when you come across a person that you’d like to be your client, go the extra mile and connect with them; build a relationship and get to know them first.  

Not specifically take them out for cocktails as yet, but look at their social media presence and find out what’s going on for them and start a conversation.

The next step is to not start a conversation about your services. Start a real conversation and make friends authentically by connecting with them.

One disclaimer that I’d like to make is that yes you can go in with a cold pitch that uses these tips, and I’ve done it before, and you can land contracts with a cold pitch, but it’s much harder work than if you have a relationship with the person.

An Important Checklist To Consider Before Writing

There are a few important elements I suggest you do before you write your pitch. They’ll make pitching easier, allow you to craft more effective emails and boost your response rate.

1.    Have you made contact with this person at least three times before? (Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog Comments etc.)

2.    Do you have the correct email to pitch to?

3.    Do you have the person you’re pitching to’s name?

4.    Do you know who their competitors are?

5.    Do you have a valid, tangible reason they need your service?

6.    Do you have proof of your results?

7.    Do you understand how you will take your prospect from their current situation to their desired situation?

By having all of these in order, especially before you pitch, you can begin to create an easy file to create sales pitches from!