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Omar Hassam: Leadership Strategist

Omar is a lover, accelerator, adventurer and founder of Success Accelerators. And he’s known for his DJ skills! When he got out of college he knew he wanted to have a massive positive impact on peoples lives while living an international lifestyle, but wasn’t quiet sure how to make it happen. So he moved to New York City and built a team to help him figure out his place in life. In that process, the team supported him to identify his Business DNA, his unique value in the market, which he discovered was business building, and they collaborated together to form his business building accelerator program. Now he and the team invest in millennials all over the world with their proven step-by-step accelerator process to help identify their unique value in a crowded market and launch strong online businesses that attract high paying clients, predictably. He is a nomad traveler and in his free time, loves to salsa dance (or tries), sings R&B and works on his custom clothing line.   



Veronique Gautier: Brand Builder

Successful companies have a clear DNA that aligns internally and resonates externally. This is our model.

V. has a genuine passion for brands and the experience of building them inside-out through brand marketing, and throughout through internal alignment. 

As a Brand Strategist, V. has had the pleasure to work with some of the most talented business leaders of the biggest companies in the world in Communications Firms and Brand Consultancies. For over 10 years now, she has chosen to focus on innovations in the Brand Consultancy she founded, The Brand Genome Lab, helping brilliant minds with an idea build their business based on the refinement and communications of their brand.  Three years ago, V. joined Maren Sostmaan as Co-Founder and Partner of The Leading Salons of the World, a Beauty Tailor company focusing on raising the bar in the Beauty industry. 

She is at her best in environments that can't help but challenge current thinking conventions, value sharp strategic directions and crisp conceptual ideas, and genuinely believe in the importance of a people-based company transformation approach.

Her dearest goal is to inspire entrepreneurs to optimize the power of their brand so that it makes a difference. She believes people with ideas are the new currency and her dearest goal is to join forces with them to help them materialize their vision.

Specialties: Business leadership, Brand value creation, Brand strategy, Marketing transformation, Integrated Brand communications, Global challenges, Corporate assignments, Entrepreneurial collaborations, Start-ups take-off, Innovations and Product development, Executive and Business Leadership accelerations

Evan Sargent: Creative Graphics Director

Strategy and intuition fuel Evan Sargent's bespoke creative approach. With over ten years of NYC agency experience, she has a passion for creative storytelling, gorgeous design, and helping businesses make their mark. Evan has worked with an extensive list of top national brands and many of the best ad agencies in NYC.
She has also created the brand identities of smaller companies and organizations like IATI Theater, Affordable Interior Design, CoCo Gallery and more. Evan celebrates collaboration with her network of top-notch artists that make her work possible at Evand.co. She blogs on Medium about playing games with her kids.

Imran Esmail: Digital Marketer

Imran is a master at Facebook Ads. His team has spent the last 5 years working with hundreds of clients in all sectors prefecting his method. He has a natural talent for translating ideas into wildly profitable Facebook and digital media campaigns that crush it. He has been in digital marketing for over 15 years and looks forward to share his expertise.
His primary focus is on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords specializing in flooding your business with ready to buy clients. He also runs EscapeYourDeskJob.com where he has taught over 4100 students how to grow their online business. His work has been featured on Smart Blogger, Grow & Convert, Creative Market, among others.

Darrah Brustein: Organic Marketing through Authentic Relationship Building 

I’m Darrah and in the simplest of terms, I’m a connector. Few things give me more joy than putting together the puzzle of people and making valuable introductions for others. Fortunately, my career revolves around this gift.  In 2009, I founded a merchant services brokerage with my twin brother to help connect businesses with the best credit card processing solution for their needs. We’ve been fortunate to grow into 38 states because of our relational approach and reliable solutions (which is not a small feat in this shady industry).  
Ever-connecting, in 2011, I founded Network Under 40 to help friends from college make friends in their young adult lives.  Due to its overwhelming success in Atlanta (now selling out monthly events for 500+ people, where young professionals can connect in a non-salesy and non-singlesy environment), we expanded into Network Over 40, as well as brought Network Under 40 to Baltimore and DC, with other cities to come!As if that weren’t enough of a challenge, I saw a pressing need for financial literacy education in general, but specifically for children to start early at forming positive financial habits. As a writer, it felt natural to help with this problem by writing a kids’ book series called Finance Whiz Kids, which works with elementary-aged kids to teach basic financial lessons through fun and engaging stories. There’s even an appendix in the back of each book to help adults institute the lessons into their homes with ease.
A highlight of my professional life was being invited to attend the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos to represent about youth financial literacy.   I was fortunate to be asked to be a contributing writer for Entrepenuer.com, which has allowed me a platform to highlight the great work of others who might not be easily spotlighted, and connect them with an audience. I’ve also been featured, and/or written,  in other global outlets like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, CNN Money, Fox Business, and Mashable. On the media tip, I’m a hired speaker who loves to talk and train about networking and relationship building.  
When not working, I love to connect with and invest in my community. I’m a founding member of the Atlanta Global Shapers (a division of the World Economic Forum), sit on the Emory Alumni Board, am a former ambassador for the Metro Atlanta Chamber, am a member of LEAD Atlanta and the Young Entrepreneur’s Council, and was named one of the Atlanta Jewish 40 Under 40.  When not working, writing, or volunteering, you’ll most likely find me traveling, hanging with friends, eating dill pickles, reading a non-fiction book, doing acroyoga, and/or taking black and white photos.I look forward to connecting with you!

Donn K: Fashion Designer

Dressing in total alignment with your D.N.A. will make you feel invaluably strong in all your appearances and interactions. Influent people have a strong presence and command a natural admiration and respect. We design for you the clothing that communicates your inner strength & influence, which contributes to creating your signature looks with poise. We offer wardrobe editing and advise, Bespoke Tailoring, outfits made specially for you by our Designer Donn & Omar in NYC.

Merisa - Circle.jpeg

Merissa Cano: Social Media Marketing

After graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, I went on to explore digital media from a variety of angles, working in the marketing departments of Chicago Social Magazine, Swisso- tel Chicago, and Elizabeth Grace, and launching a blog called Lux & Concord. Though my roles included everything from event planning to graphic design, the one common thread in all of my positions was social media, a niche I loved and went on to pursue full-time as the social me- dia director at Dana Rebecca Designs. Now, with four years of social experience under my belt, I’ve learned how to successfully establish brand voices and build engaged communities that transform customers into loyal fans. I’ve always been a firm believer in engaging authentically with your community. Too many brands place an emphasis on a quick growth and numbers of followers and likes, while failing to build an organic audience. Think of your audience as brand advocates and talk to them as you would on your own personal networks. Each brand finds their own way – what fits their personality and the audience they want to engage. When you loosen up and trust your product will speak for itself, genuine and authentic conversations turn ‘followers’ into believers.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Sunjay Jacobs: Legal Counsel

Sunjay is involved in all aspects of a new firm's corporate practice. He advises and provides counsel to emerging companies in advertising, media, public relations, marketing and communication companies on daily corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, employment matters, financing's and licensing transactions. He assists our clients in drafting, structuring, negotiating and reviewing stock-based and asset-based purchase agreements, merger agreements, non-disclosure agreements, engagement letters, equity agreements, general release agreements, intellectual property and license agreements, operating agreements, joint-venture agreements, shareholder agreements and other corporate and commercial agreements.

Akhtar Khan: Media Relations

He has been a BBC news host for over a decade covering their monthly show looking at businesses, business culture and environment in the Middle East. He's shot in different location across the UAE and all over the world. Examples included the Dubai stock exchange, expat businesses in the region, interview with key business leaders and reports from other countries in the region.He also has covers the weekly business/lifestyle travel show (seen in 170 countries in 320m homes worldwide as well on planes, cruise ships, airport lounges and hotels/resorts). The program covers travel from both a business and consumer perspective. His passion is helping millennials communicate effectively in front of the camera. He helps his clients with media training & public speaking.

Armond Hambrick: Styling

Armond is a New York City Hair and make up professional with extensive runway and high fashion experience. His expertise is invaluable on a photoshoot to get the perfect shot for your Facebook ad or for your social media.

Yuseff Smith: Image Making

“I was inspired by the Velvet Underground culture of New York and the European Runways. In the 80's, I styled Punks on King's Road in London, UK and stirred it up with Reggae aestheticism. My salon work in hair dressing spans from Madison Ave, Vidal Sassoon to John Sahag. Presently I am taking appointments during the week at Sacha & Olivier salon in Flatiron district. On Sundays in my Soho Atelier I do complete make-overs, hair and photo portraits”

How were you able to connect with Madonna?:

Living downtown and hanging out with various personalities like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Maripol exposes you to a lot of opportunities. Maripol was the creative force that developed Madonna’s style. Being French, she enlightened Madonna to the world of intimate apparel.

Today you have your own studio? Yes. This is where I create. It is like a laboratory because I have control. It is where I have the costumes, my lighting, my tools…

Andrew Chen: Social Media Lifestyle Curator

Andrew Yu-Chuan Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He grew up between Taipei and Hualien, the East Coast of Taiwan, where he enjoyed both urban and resort lifestyles. Since early childhood, he has lived and studied in major international cities bewteen Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris, London and New York. With his passion for style, creativity and business, he decided to major in textile and fashion marketing at Fu Jen University even though he was granted to enroll in the best university in Taiwan for geography. He had also taken courses at Central Saint Martins in London and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York during his college years.

He established his early career in Taiwan in celebrity styling, and joined Celine for public relations and marketing under LVMH Group. He moved to New York in 2009 to pursue further education at Parsons The New School For Design. He has received training and a proven career track at renowned luxury retailers and fashion houses including Bergdorf Goodman, Gilt Groupe, Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake and the exclusive Italian luxury brand VBH. He is also a member of Luxury Education Foundation based in New York where he currently resides.

His experience and expertise span across Market Management, Distribution, Multi-Channel Retailing, Merchandising and Marketing, along with his extensive network and in-depth understanding of global & regional market trends including North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe.

Aside from his specialty in the fashion industry. Andrew is known as a tastemaker, trendsetter and luxury lifestyle curator. By working and staying ahead of the curves, he believes the new luxury puts experience before the product itself.

Authenticity, exclusivity and individuality are the core value when it comes to delivery new luxurious experiences to his clients and audience. Feeding the new generation with unique experiences and creating memorable moments are much more desirable than satisfying the regular tangible needs.


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