The DNA Based Business Building Success Code



Our approach to business building is rooted in actualizing potential and maximizing impact through first understanding the molecular DNA of a founder/ team of founders. We look deeply inside to understand the specific molecules, unique gifts, strengths and talents that have potential reverence in the community. Then unlike most other marketers who come up with a concept in a bubble, we go into the community to understand it's desires and challenge and reverse engineer a predictably successful business.


Then through what we call crystallization of the brand idea, we leverage the founders genetic molecules to meet the markets desires into a beautiful crystal that becomes the concept and business foundation of the new business.

The result is that the business resonates deeply in the community as it expresses the authenticity and heart of its founder(s) while meeting the community's specific needs. Success then becomes predictable. 


The DNA based Business Building Success Code

Imagine a life where work doesn't feel like work, the world is your office and play is your paycheck

1. Your DNA Based Business

  • Through strategically designed assessments and questionnaires, we help you dive deeply into YOU to identify the specific molecules: unique gifts, strengths and talents that have potential reverence in the community
  • We then survey the community to understand its specific desires and challenges and come up with your DNA Success Code

2. Crystallization Of The Brand Idea

  • We leverage your DNA  to meet market desire into a Brand Idea (concept) that expresses the authenticity of you and resonates deeply in the market. We then draw the Blueprint Foundations of your business

3. Business Activation

  • Our team comes together to bring your Business to life through creating your website, sales funnel, social media profiles, and all your communication tools

4. Maximizing Your Impact

  • When then help you create your own social media content strategy both through organic and paid methods so that you're predictably signing dream high ticket clients every single month