Effective Communication 

Your business success or failure is in large part directly related to whether or not you and your team know how to sell. This is the most important course you will ever take. Learn these skills and your success in almost any business is guaranteed!

Two days of immersion style training in the most powerful skills of persuasion and influence.

1. Identifying ARE (Audience Rich Environments) Selling in all marketplaces is not the best strategy for building your business. Stop wasting time prospecting with potential clients who are not interested or don’t have the time or money to invest in your services. Learn the strategies and tools to create non-stop lead sources and qualified customers that want and are in a position to take action on your product, services, concepts and ideas.

2. Approach and Rapport (Instant Connection) Once the prospect has been pre-framed and pre-qualified, how do you create a relationship that establishes you as an expert able to solve their challenge and not just another salesperson trying to sell them something? Your inner game is of paramount importance at the step. At “name of course” your selling confidence will be multiplied many times over as you will have practiced before you are in front of a live customer. You will be so comfortable in your approaches that your personal and professional personality will be IMPACTFUL. 

3. Outcome Identification (Identifying and Re-enforcing Needs) You must know your customers needs and wants before you can sell them anything. In this portion of the program you will learn high-end skills of “Cold Reading” and understanding body language. When you know what they are really thinking, it’s easy to help them get what they want. Are they lying? Are they negotiable? Do they badly need your offering? These details and many more put you in the driver’s seat so you can completely control the persuasion environment.

4. Frame Control (Molding Perception) Your job is to make your offering look like what they want. Since reality is created by perception, you will learn how to enter the customer’s world and have them know you have what they want and need. You will learn how to plant Pavlovian mind triggers that cause them to respond favorably to your offer and lose the connection to your competitors. Since all buying decisions are based first on emotion and then backed up with logic, your ability to influence on a subconscious level is totally required. You will learn subconscious influence. 

5. Resistance Reduction (Overcoming Objections) All influence can be resisted. Harvesting low-hanging fruit will not create massive sales success. Your ability to play with resistance and overcome your customer’s fears will set you apart from the amateurs. Your profits are always in the margins. In this portion of the program, you will identify, learn, and use top-tier tactics that have generated millions of dollars in additional sales.

6. GTFM (Get The Freaking Money) When you believe in what you sell, you are morally and ethically obligated to sell it. 90% of all people who call themselves sales professionals are afraid of asking for the money now. The act of getting the money now is sometimes called closing. You will never again count your chickens before they are hatched. You will know the only time a sale is complete is when the contract is signed and consideration is paid. When you attend,  you will learn multiple strategies for closing the sale and getting the money now. Tomorrow never comes. What they don’t do right now doesn’t happen. You will also understand the power of focusing on IGAs (income generating activities) and the mindsets that are essential to business success. You will create powerful sales scripts that you can use online, in person, and electronically.

You will understand how to develop powerful sales teams to multiply your efforts and maximize your profitability and so much more. · In each portion of the course you will learn in the classroom, by demonstration and by example all of these powerful tactics and skills. · You will practice the skills until you are comfortable with their use and delivery. · You will be challenged along with the other participants right at the event to then take them out into the real world and put them to immediate use. Many people at the event will recoup their investment in the program even while they are attending. This course is for all small business owners, sales managers, sales people, real estate investors, network marketers, online marketers, lawyers, doctors, professionals seeking to increase their income and anyone who is in the business of selling. (Which is everyone! Don’t kid yourself.) · This is the greatest training in persuasion, selling and influence ever created. Period. · To insure your ability to succeed in any business contact our Office directly.