Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation


We want to take the time to listen to you, independantly of whether or not we move together on your next steps. We only work with clients who are fully ready as we jumpstart a highly exciting and transformative process.

During the consultation, you will have the entire freedom to convey where you are at, and what seems to be the challenge today.

We will mainly listen, ask a few questions, and give you a directional idea of what our collaboration could look like should you decide to work with us.

We encourage you to come prepared so you make the best use of your time and ask the questions you may have.

Within the next 72 hours, you will receive a proposal tailored to your needs. 

We will be ready to start when you will be!

Please know that the consultations are paid in advance and in full, and are not refundable. We understand life happens and you might need to reschedule. We allow one appointment change only. Please allow 48 hours notice. Thank you.

Looking forward!


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