How would you like to start and grow your own online business? A business rooted in your unique talents and skills, that makes a powerful impact in the market and brings you financial freedom by generating a steady stream of high-paying clients on demand and with predictability.

 I call it the Rolls Royce effect …because when you custom design your business to be super high value and impactful it commands a powerful presence in the market.  

While that may sound blatantly obvious the number of entrepreneurs that can say they have a powerful presence in the market is slim.

The truth is that most entrepreneurs jump into a used car. They take little to no time to build a business foundation, use someone else’s business model that doesn’t fit them and when they launch, their business may or may not take off with the desired speed and or in the right direction, if it takes off at all.

Even entrepreneurs who do launch and gather momentum, with no proper foundation, live in a constant state of fear that their business may slow or break down at any given time.

Most experiment with new ideas and strategies every day... hoping they’ll be successful... but they are unsure if they will be, if their efforts will be fruitful or how to get predictable results.

Only entrepreneurs who have built a unique business foundation a predictable marketing strategy can say they have the Rolls Royce Effect.

Now In The Entrepreneurial Game I’m Sure You’ve Noticed That People Fall Into 1 Of 2 Categories…

  1. The Lost Souls - entrepreneurs who don’t have a process in place, and who work super hard and spend way too much time making way too little
  2. The Power Players – entrepreneurs who crush it. They follow a proven system, make a massive impact, their profitability increasing monthly… while spending less and less time working themselves

So what makes the difference between these two types - those who have financial and time freedom and are building wealth while others are making less than they could in a full time job and find it challenging to even pay their bills?

After being an entrepreneur for many years myself, I started my first business at 9 years old, and after having talked to hundreds of business people, I’ve realized that the Power Players have two key things in place and the strugglers have only one of these two things or neither.

And the reality is that if you have both things in place, it becomes very easy and predictable to be successful.

The best way to explain it is to tell you the very famous biblical story told by one of history’s great mentors. It's the story of two men who each built a house. One built on sandy soil which was easy to access and easy to dig the foundations for the house.

In a few short weeks he finished building his house and as time passed a huge storm broke upon the house! After much rain, a flood swept through the valley and the man's house was swept away.

The Second Man took a different approach

…While the other guy was more concerned about getting his house up quick the second man looked at the foundation as an important first step. He focused on building a house in rock and took his time to build a strong foundation and built his home on top of his foundation…His house was safe when the floods came! No matter how hard it rained or how fierce the floods were his house remained solid and immovable.

Now let this next point really sink in...because it’s the exact opposite of what everyone else in the market is doing.

Today In The Internet Marketing Entrepreneurial Industry We Are Repeating The History Of “Get The House Up Fast"

Most entrepreneurs in business are not following a proven process and have no idea how to land new clients, they don’t take time to build a proper rock-solid foundation first; instead, they build it on sand and get it up quickly, and focus mostly on cool of the moment marketing. 

This never produces long, sustainable outcomes. That’s why you hear the saying “most businesses fail in the first 5 years.”

Also, many don’t know that building a business foundation is a “thing”, or how this process is accomplished, so they don’t do it.

They mostly focus on the newest marketing tactics and strategies such as the newest apps, facebook ads feature, or increasing their instagram following…expecting that these types of marketing will magically convert into a new business.

Most entrepreneurs are very caught up with the hottest traffic source that they neglect building a strong business foundation and neglect to put into place simple strategies to convert marketing traffic into paying clientele.


…In Reality They Are Just Picking Out The Drapes and Choosing the Color of The Walls Of A Fundamentally Flawed House Foundation That Will Get Eliminated At A Moments Notice…

Now, let me share with you, as promised, the two things that the Power Players who are killing it are doing that the lost ones are not doing

The Power Players do two things:

  1. They build a brand from their own unique talents and passions that specifically targets a profitable niche in the market
  2. They put a simple system in place that converts potential high paying clients into repeat high paying clients

Because it comes down to this…

 When you have a strong business foundation and a system to acquire new clients, you  have a powerful business.

While the lost ones have no idea where their next client is coming from and are looking for a way to cover their bills and thoroughly thinking out how to put their spending on a new credit card if the things don’t work out and unsurely taking measures to get a new clients...and not following a process...

 The Power Players are communicating to the market a clear brand message and are spending a predictable amount of money and time to generate a predictable amount of strategy sessions,  which generates a predictable amount of new clients and a predictable amount of new profits.

So if you’re not making the income that you want in your business, then it’s time to start focusing on these two things!