"Omar is a force to reckon with. He lives by what he practices, and keeps your best interests at heart. Ask yourself: “What do I really want to become? What do I want to do with my life? What am I stuck on?” Whether in business or life itself, Omar can set you flying with a new set of wings, through the powerful combination of hypnosis and coaching. And no, it’s not a many-months process to experience results. Results are instant, from Omar’s sessions. You want to see your life change? It all starts in the mind with hypnosis. You want to see it take off in reality? It starts with Omar’s expertise in life and business coaching. My life is already taking flight with the priceless tidbits of business advice, and rewiring my brain for ultimate success through Omar’s hypnosis. Command your life today with Omar Hassam today!"

Krystal L., Creative Director, Seattle, WA


"I thought I was going to Omar Hassam to quit smoking, what I didn’t realize is that I was also getting a comprehensive mind, body, and spirit makeover. When working with Omar you know instantly that you are in the presence of love. His devotion and care to bringing about lasting change for his clients is evident as he patiently works, step-by-step, teaching you innumerable ways to avoid your own inner pitfalls. He perceptively serves to align your mind, body, and spirit, and sets you on the path to achieving your highest potential. Not only is smoking now completely gone from my life, but I have also been given the gift of living as the best version of myself. I have no doubt that, if you’re ready to make big changes in miraculous ways, Omar is the man to help you get there."

Rachele S., Model & Actress, New York, NY

"Omar, after our session I felt tapped into an amazing energy source after our meeting.  The next day my dear friend spoke to me about all the energy I was letting out. Since our session I can’t stand still for a minute until I finish the project at hand!   I’m speaking with more energy and have a tone of assurance in my voice. Your help in programming me has led me to reach out to old friends and new contacts which has brought more jobs. Cannot thank you enough." 

Rene P., President and CEO, Entertainment Firm, Miami FL


"This guy is the real deal. I was a bit skeptical, but desperately wanted help. My main purpose was to get help with my phobia of dogs and cats. I was bit by a dog as a child, and it left me with a life long fear. I was also getting divorced, and consequently taking in a roommate who has a cat. So I was looking for a quick fix regarding the phobia to live with the cat; but wasn't sure a quick fix existed.

First of all, Omar's office is lovely. Gorgeous building, beautiful space. The moment he came out to greet me, I felt a sense of peace. He has a dynamic yet calming presence, makes great eye contact, is open, friendly, and personable.

We started with a consultation and it was pretty thorough. He's a great listener and seemed genuinely compassionate. The hypnosis session, for me, was like a guided meditation. His voice is soothing and engaging. Although it was a bit challenging, it felt great. After the hypnosis, we talked a bit more about the experience. I felt very relaxed, like I had taken a refreshing nap. I didn't notice anything different right away and thought maybe it didn't work. However, the VERY NEXT MORNING, the cat approached me. I was calm and said the word I chose during hypnosis. I extended my arm and let the cat come smell my hand. And from then on I've been fine. No anxiety, panicking, or anything. I'm AMAZED that it actually worked, and quickly.

Omar also suggested I could use that word/method any time I'm feeling anxious about anything. I have, and it is helping. I plan to see him again to tackle some personal issues, and I would highly, highly recommend him. I truly believe, without a doubt, that he has a gift."

France-Luce Benson, Playwright & Actress, New York, NY


"Thank you Omar for being such a great leader and coach! You have made such a massive impact in my life and are changing the lives of so many people. The universe needs you so much; you are such a gift! God is blessing you and I appreciate you very much. I don't know how I would have made all this progress if it weren't for you. "

Jana Dias, Founder, Moulinet Family Solutions & Miss Brazil USA 2013 & Miss Brazil New York 2014, Washington, DC

"When I walked into your office, I was a complete mess, I had pain in my heart, my spirit was broken and my mind was racing. When I left your office I felt completely free, relaxed and in control. It was as if I had been carrying around a 1,000 pound weight and then it was suddenly lifted. We are always told that change takes months even years, and when you are going through pain facing that fact can be so discouraging causing more pain. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY! We say to ourselves. There is and his name is Omar Hassam."

Jessica J., Co-founder, Freide+Co, Creative Agency, New York, NY

"There isn’t too much to say, other than I am a new person! 25 years worth of a bad habit has been washed away in a few short hours. I walked away a non-smoker from the first session (which I didn’t think could happen) and have not looked back since. As I have explained it to others; it’s not like you went in and messed with my head (which is what people think of when you say “hypnotize”) but you relaxed me to a state where you could introduce me to my self conscious and facilitated a conversation between the two of us. 8 weeks ago I would have been very cynical, and now I am a walking, talking, non-smoking commercial for you and what you do. I remember the first time when I met you, you told me you changed peoples lives. Your right! You do!!! ♥"

Carrie A., Night Life Entertainment Firm, Seattle, WA

"Having taken a trip to NYC from London, mainly to escape an emotional situation back home, I went to Omar on my first day in NYC.   We began talking about a sensitive situation I was in with my ex boyfriend of two years.  We had broken up and 8 weeks later he had gotten back with his ex girlfriend and they had just found out they are having a baby together. We began talking in depth about my situation; how it was affecting my life and making me feel.  He said “we’re going to take that out right now”. The images I could not get out of my head was of the girl, pregnant, and leading the life I felt I should have been leading myself. Omar made me feel incredibly relaxed and comfortable after I expressed my concerns of how I felt about being in a hypnotic sleep.  Omar put on very soothing music and began the process.

Being hypnotized is a strange but relaxing feeling.  With my eyes closed, in my hypnotic state, it felt as though Omar was sitting very very close to me; I felt his power and energy in my hands and in my face, as if he had his face pressed against mine the entire time.  The emotions I felt I will not bore you with, but, to say after I came out of my hypnotic sleep, I felt energized yet calm is an understatement. Not only could I not picture the girl pregnant, but I have forgotten what she looks like altogether.  All negativity, sadness, and feeling of worthlessness were gone.  I felt like I had before the situation had rearded its head. Still to this day, after a one 1 hour session over a month ago, I feel love for myself, a love that was evidently lost amongst the hatred I had previously felt.

I express my love and gratitude to Omar everyday for this wonderful gift he has.  He has instilled in me a zest for life that I always knew was there, I just did not know how to harness it.  I embrace what Omar has taught me and these feelings of love and happiness that now fill me every single day. Thank you, Omar, not just for helping me through the toughest emotional strife I have ever experienced, but also for being a wonderful friend and person to me from the day we met."

Rhianon J., Sales and Marketing Leader, Entertainment Firm, London, UK

If you have any blocks, walls or things in your life that stop you from moving forward and need a Success Accelerator to help you create the movement and momentum you need to really excel and jumpstart your life. I honestly tell you to check out Omar Ali Hassam. He is really creating wonders and transforming lives. And He has been practicing Hypnosis for 3 years now. He's done it on me and WOW! I am still blown away by the results. If anyone knows me, I'm pretty picky with the people I work with so when I say this man is amazing, I mean it. He's a successful guy who loves to be of service and give so much of himself to his clients, nothing beats that. Invest into this man, you won't regret it.

Jesani Drew, New York City, New York

"I've been able to get clarity around and break free emotionally from pieces of the past that were burdening me. Omar is the real deal and his trainings are amazing!"

Janice Dickinson, Supermodel & CEO The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Los Angeles, CA

"Omar is an expert in change management through hypnosis. If you have a bad habit you want to break, you want to advance in your life/career or want to build confidence, Omar has the experience to help you achieve those goals. 

I wanted to build confidence and increase productivity for my life and my career. In just the first session, he was able to guide me to the blockers that were buried deep within my subconscious… remove them by bringing them to the surface and dealing with them head on. He then replaced them with positive reinforcement that has since helped me power through launching a new company. I see him once a week to continue with personal growth and for help in powering through issues that are holding me from moving forward with success.

I was impressed by the way he was sympathetic to the things I was struggling with as well as his determination to help me change as if they were his own issues. 

He is incredibly personable and genuine. I give my highest recommendation."

Michael Shane, Co-founder, Freide+Co, Creative Agency, New York, NY

"Any serious closer of billion dollar deals would want to be at the top of their game on every level. My work with Omar Hassam, ensured that the confident, charming, “tiger in the boardroom” was sending out the right signal to counter parties on the sub-conscious, conscious, and super-conscious levels. Brilliance is a terrible thing to waste due to a lack of confidence, and Omar Hassam’s methodology ensures that the best boardroom performance is delivered every time. 

Like a $3,000 suit, rejuvenating nips/tucks, massages, testosterone injections, manicures/pedicures, trainers, executive privileges, Omar Hassam’s methodologies ensure that any serious closer sends out the right signal in the boardroom, every time, and on every level of consciousness.

Tony Robbins, watch out, there is a new kid in town, Omar Hassam’s revolutionary approach to boardroom confidence is a strategic asset no CEO can be without."

Dr. William Hyatt G., President and CEO International Economic Development Firm, New York, NY

"My work with Omar has been like a waterfall that has healed me and helped me unleash my spirit. Also, thank you dear Omar for giving my friend your hypnotherapy treatment. When I spoke with her last night she resonated a chord so clear, a melody so loving of her wondrous self that I heard her as a full harmonious symphony of herself as one. Not one lost out of key note."

Michael Stern, Creative Director, Stonehenge Real Estate Company, New York, NY

"You are blessed.  God is blessing you with all good things as your are bringing positivity into the world. I am proud of you and your work is a strong sign of the good man that you are."

Joseph D., Creative Director, Forbes Magazine, New York, NY

"Omar, after our session I felt tapped into an amazing energy source after our meeting.  The next day my dear friend spoke to me about all the energy I was letting out. Since our session I can’t stand still for a minute until I finish the project at hand!   I’m speaking with more energy and have a tone of assurance in my voice. Your help in programming me has led me to reach out to old friends and new contacts which has brought more jobs. Cannot thank you enough." 

Rene P., President and CEO, Entertainment Firm, Miami FL

"Dear Omar, I believe people come into your life for a reason, not by chance or luck but for a purpose! Your character intrigued me. You are a vibrant soul with so much enthusiasm, spirit, happiness, and love for others. We spoke briefly about life and in those few moments the little advise and words of encouragement struck me profoundly. You told me briefly about what you did and how your passion is to help change the lives of others for the better through hypnosis and coaching. Days later I became one of those individuals that you were passionate about helping and my life has changed in so many ways ever since. You uprooted things from my past that I was sure my subconscious had forgotten. You evoked emotions I had been so great at suppressing. It was an emotional roller coaster and an overwhelming experience but such a life changing one. I am now more confident, feel less burdened by my past, and have been able to take control of my life and the obstacles and blessings that are thrown into my path. I did end up cheating on you once with another hypnotist and life coach that were local and that experience made me realize even more what a GIFT you have for what you do! Words cannot express how grateful I am for your coaching, friendship, inspiration, encouragement, and continued support."

Heather H., President, Entertainment Firm, Miami, FL

Olivia T.,  Founder, Art Therapy Firm, Seattle
"Thank you Omar, the benefits of your treatment have been numerous. I feel like I took off an old winter coat of issues and am ready to live in a more free way and be my authentic self. I have been referring many people to your page, your work is incredible and has deeply changed my life. I look forward to working with you again soon!"